Routines are for suckers. We’re definitely suckers.

October 21, 2021
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We are early morning people. 

Yes, it’s annoying. We know. 

We start every day at 6:00 a.m. with a two-hour work session at a local coffee shop. And while we are also big believers in changing things up and working from new places (something we do regularly—in the afternoons), there is something magic about our morning routine. 

The monotony of a predictable day gives us the same freedom as wearing the same outfit (yes, we had an unofficial—and largely accidental—work uniform for a while) for eating the same meal every day for lunch. It’s one less box on the list of things to decide—and one more way to reduce decision fatigue.

That early-morning work session doesn’t change. It’s the routine we can rely on. And while the rest of our day is unpredictable, having that two hours of uninterrupted work time on the books means we always know how our day is going to start.

What routines could you set in place to give your day more structure and your brain more freedom? 

Writer Kendra Adachi (also known as The Lazy Genius on all the socials) swears by a concept she calls “decide once” as a method to save energy and effort. And at a high level, it’s the same principle as our coffee shop routine. 

You get to choose. But once you decide, stick with it. 

The routine helps. It lends structure and simplicity to days that are all too often chaotic. It gives us a daily touchpoint, regardless of what else fills our calendars

So choose a routine. Or simply start with one daily action. Decide once. And stick with it. You might just be amazed at the magic that happens.

(And let us know what you choose! We’d love to hear about it!)

Allison Kooser

Allison is Chief Storyteller at Swell+Good, where she partners with amazing organizations to help them bring their stories to life. She is an avid traveler, an expert takeout orderer, and a big believer in curiosity and kindness. She tries to learn something new every day, and she reads, writes, and paddleboards more than the average human.
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