You’re changing the world. We’re here to help.

You have big ideas about how to make the world better, big dreams for your community, and big goals for the future.

We’ll help you bring those plans to life, reach more people, raise more support, and better do the work you were born to do.

We’ve been in your shoes and know they can be tight.

Your team is awesome, your vision is bold, and you are proud of your impact. You also wish that you had more hands, a bigger budget, and more hours in the day.

We feel you because we’ve been you. Our team is made up of talented writers, strategists, designers, and developers who have spent their careers helping organizations tell great stories and raise support — and we can’t wait to join you in the trenches.

We’re here to help.

We aren’t your typical consultants. Instead, we work as an extension of your team to help you ideate and implement great strategies that will make your organization even more awesome.

We want to come alongside you, celebrate the work you are already doing, solve those pesky challenges that are keeping you up at night, and help you grow.

We’re bringing experience and curiosity to the table.

Our team brings a diverse skill set, a love of learning, years of practice, and a whole lot of enthusiasm to every project.

We’ll deliver creative solutions to your challenges — whether you’re looking to improve your email strategy, upgrade your storytelling, optimize your social media, or launch a new fundraising campaign.

We’re proud to work with amazing companies and organizations like…

Base 11

Block Club Chicago

Burlap & Twine

Connecticut Alliance to End Sexual Violence


Hall Neighborhood House

Hands Offering Hope

Houston Door Check

Josephinum Academy of the Sacred Heart

The Kukhoma Project

The Lemon Ad Stand

Opportunity International

The Rowan Center

Ruth’s House

Second Muse

A few things you should know about us…

We have been professional partners for nearly a decade, helping organizations just like you share their stories, reach more people, and raise more support.

  • We’re a team. Swell+Good is led by Allison Kooser and Ian Haisley — experienced nonprofit marketers and communicators who know that relationships are at the core of everything we do.
  • We are storytellers. We believe that every cause and organization has a story worth sharing, and what we love more than anything is making those stories come to life. Are you ready to get started?
  • We have experience. We’ve worked with huge global networks and tiny community organizations. We’ve spent months in the field interviewing and photographing incredible people who are now our heroes. We built donation platforms from scratch, did social media before it was cool (yes, we have the “How to Use MySpace” PowerPoint to prove it), and have sent thousands upon thousands of campaign emails. Nonprofit marketing is our jam.
  • We are curious. Learning is our favorite, and we can’t wait to learn about you! We read and study best practices and creative ideas from tons of disciplines every single day — then bring everything we’ve learned to the table to help you be as successful as possible.
  • We both love oat milk lattes, walking for miles, waking up before the sun, and trying to eat all the tacos in Austin.

We do these things…

When you work with Swell+Good, you’ll have the creativity and expertise of a full marketing team at your fingertips. Let’s get started on your next project!

  • Social Media – Write, schedule, post, track, and optimize content across all social media channels.
  • Email Strategy – Write, build, schedule, and send segmented, targeted email communications.
  • Fundraising – Create and implement cohesive campaigns and push periods to engage donors.
  • Copywriting – Write websites, blogs, reports, impact stories, scripts, decks, and more!
  • Photography & Video Production – Craft, capture, and share visual stories through photo and video.
  • Content Collection – Travel to the field, interview your community and share their stories and experiences.
  • Messaging Architecture – Define your brand, develop your message, and create a framework everyone can use.
  • Event Production – Handle logistics, content, design, planning, and all the little details.

But how the heck do you do all of those things?

When you work with Swell+Good, you have access to our full team of developers, designers, writers, and strategists. We’ve pulled together some of the smartest and most creative minds in the game — and they’re ready to jump in to help you solve the problem that’s keeping you up at night!

The Swell+Good team is collaborative, which means your writers, designers, and developers already know each other — and they have experience working together. We’re thoughtful, dedicated, creative, and enthusiastic — and we bring that energy and passion to every project.

We love working together — and we can’t wait to work with you!

How we work.

We know the last thing you need is more work on your plate. And we also know how frustrating it can be when well-meaning consultants and outside partners make a bunch of recommendations that don’t align with your broader goals and priorities — or are exactly what you’ve already been talking about.

We feel your pain.

And we promise to not be that kind of partner.

Instead, we want to be a helpful addition to your team — an extension and a few extra sets of hands to help you ideate and implement great strategies that will help your organization be even more awesome.

We don’t want to give you more work to do; we want to help you do it.

We want to come alongside you; celebrate the work you are already doing; and be constructively, measurably helpful as you build and grow.

We’re transparent in our pricing.

Monthly Retainers

A standard monthly retainer includes a minimum of 20 dedicated hours to be used on the projects and initiatives of your choosing, with the ability to flex up to 25 hours per month when the workload requires added bandwidth.

Monthly retainers are offered at a nonprofit rate of $150/hour.

Stand-alone Projects

To make it easier for your organization to budget, we’ve created packages (see below) and set prices for projects we work on frequently. Whether you’re a brand new nonprofit getting ready to launch or an established brand with a proven model, these packages can help you refine your messaging, plan your content strategy, improve your digital storytelling, set up your social media, or solve those pesky problems that are keeping you up at night.

Power Hour – $450

Got a problem? Yo, we’ll solve it. Connect with us to make progress on the question that you just can’t figure out how to crack.

Send us the challenge. It could be messaging you can’t quite master, a segmentation strategy that is keeping you up at night, or identifying the tech tools you need to achieve your goals.

We’ll develop a solution for you.

Then we’ll join your team for a one-hour call to talk through the solution, answer clarifying questions, and ensure that you are ready to go with your new plan.

Content Calendar – $1,500

Plan for a productive and powerful year.

Make a plan for your communication and know what you’re going to say, when you’ll say it, and where you’ll share those messages. We’ll work with your team to develop a year-long content calendar, including blogs, emails, holidays and days of interest, social media themes, and campaign push periods.

You’ll walk away with your entire year of content mapped and ready to create.

Content Audit – Retainer: $3,000 / Standalone: $6,000

Get more life out of your content. We’ll review all of your active content—recent blogs, reports, client stories, emails, collateral, BRCs, acknowledgment streams, and more.

Once we have all of the materials mapped, we’ll identify how the communication works together as a whole. Are all of your materials working as hard as they could be? Are you communicating consistent messages? Are there documents that need updates?

Finally, we’ll provide an action plan for how to strengthen existing materials, add additional content, and improve donor and prospect relationships through effective communications. (The Swell+Good team is available to help with this step, too! Talk to us about drafting content, building automated streams, and developing messaging!

Messaging Architecture – Retainer: $3,000 / Standalone: $10,000

We’ll work with your team to help you define your brand, develop your message, and create a messaging framework that everyone can use. Through a series of interviews with organizational stakeholders, we’ll create a guide that outlines your mission, brand positioning, core principles, core values, brand personality, tone, motivation, and more.

This comprehensive messaging architecture provides an excellent foundation for everything you write and create in the future—and it makes future messaging so much easier! Your messaging architecture will outline your agreed-upon voice—giving you super clear direction for all of your upcoming campaigns and communications.

Annual Report – $10,000

Share your story and highlight your impact.

Annual reports are essential for donor updates and financial reporting—but they can also serve as powerful cultivation and acquisition tools. We’ll learn about your organization, outline a narrative to highlight your annual impact, then write and design a full report for you to print and/or share online. 
We’ll carry the project from start to finish so that you don’t have to worry about a thing. 

Nonprofit Start Up – $25,000

Let’s get your new nonprofit up and rolling! Have a new organization that is just getting started? We’re here to help. Our Nonprofit Start Up package will help you:

  • Develop your brand voice and build an organizational messaging architecture
  • Get you set up on an email platform
  • Write and build your website (or optimize the content and technology of one you already have)
  • Add best-in-class online giving functionality to your site to improve your fundraising experience
  • Set up (or optimize) your social media platforms
  • Create a 3-month content calendar, including plans for emails, social media, blogs, fundraising push periods, and more.
  • It’s everything you need to introduce your nonprofit to your community and set yourself up for success!

Don’t see an option that meets your organization’s needs?

No problem! Talk to us about the challenges you’re facing and the work you’d like to tackle, and we’ll put together a custom project for you. In addition, we love connecting with organizations on an ongoing basis. Swell+Good retainers give you access to our team all month long for a variety of marketing needs, including campaigns, communication, social media, web optimization, and more!