It’s time to take inventory

December 10, 2020
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This week, our brains registered that a brand new year is coming our way.

And while, realistically, January 1 will look a lot like December 31 (yes, we are as hopeful as anyone that the saga of 2020 will end soon…but probably not with the flip of a calendar, sadly!), the New Year does bring a unique opportunity to evaluate our goals, behaviors, and practices.

So in the next few weeks, as you start thinking about a new season, ask yourself hard questions. What workflows and processes are actually helping you and your team—and which ones aren’t? What projects bring you joy—and which ones don’t? What do you wish you had more time to do? What has been most frustrating this year? What campaigns really worked—and why? What are you doing just because you’ve always done it?

It’s time to take inventory. And it’s ok to leave some things behind.

Too often, we roll right into a new year without ever getting reflective or introspective. We let other people set our goals and priorities. We keep doing things the same old way.

What if this year was different? What if we painted our own pictures for the year ahead—then built the processes we need to achieve them?

So press pause, just for a second. Dream. Write down some goals. Make your own plan. Shake up how your team operates. We have a feeling it will make your 2021 even more successful, fulfilling, and fun.

Allison Kooser

Allison is Chief Storyteller at Swell+Good, where she partners with amazing organizations to help them bring their stories to life. She is an avid traveler, an expert takeout orderer, and a big believer in curiosity and kindness. She tries to learn something new every day, and she reads, writes, and paddleboards more than the average human.
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