The Intro #6: Seek out the light

December 12, 2019
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Good morning, team!

In our neck of the woods, it’s cold and dark and very much winter. So we are doing everything we can to seek out the light — both literally and figuratively.

What are the great things happening around you? Take one minute to think of 3 awesome bright spots right now. What are you proud of? What made you smile in the last 48 hours?

There is always something to celebrate. Even in the thick of it.

Now onward — we’ve got 19 more days to close out 2019 with energy, enthusiasm, and strength.

Allison Kooser

Allison is Chief Storyteller at Swell+Good, where she partners with amazing organizations to help them bring their stories to life. She is an avid traveler, an expert takeout orderer, and a big believer in curiosity and kindness. She tries to learn something new every day, and she reads, writes, and paddleboards more than the average human.
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