Saying no and 4 other things you need to read

November 12, 2021
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1. Time 🕙 to optimize your company’s LinkedIn.

We love LinkedIn’s new dark mode option! Not only does it give our eyes a break, it’s also a great opportunity for you to make updates to your company page. Now’s the time to get rid of transparent backgrounds, adjust your banner image, and optimize your SEO. Learn how to strengthen your LinkedIn page with these easy steps.

How to optimize your LinkedIn company page. [via Social Media Examiner]

2. The secret to weekly meetings your team will enjoy. 🤫

Do your weekly meetings boost your team productivity—or deplete it? It’s normal for meetings to get off track, but there are also easy ways to make the most of your weekly check-ins and save your team time. Create a collaborative agenda, keep your team engaged, and show those meetings who’s boss!

How to run meetings that don’t suck. [via databox]

3. Make the most of your gratitude. 🤗

Donors love being thanked, but nothing sours the mood like a thank-you gone wrong. Instead, give your donors the celebration and recognition they deserve! Make sure you aren’t making common mistakes with your acknowledgments—and prep for a successful season of gratitude. 

6 Mistakes nonprofits make with their thank-yous. [via Nonprofit Marketing Guide]

4. The subtle art of saying “no.” 🚫

If you live a non-stop life—at work or at home—you’re probably pretty great at saying yes. Your yeses can increase your productivity —but they can also be exhausting. If you’ve been on a yes spree, this is your invitation to recharge with some ‘no’s! Enhance your life with the power of ‘no’—it may be even better than you expect.

The importance of saying no. [via Ignited Fundraising]

5. This virtual whiteboard 📋 is your new best friend.

If you like your meetings concise and your teamwork efficient, say hello to your new favorite workspace! Miro is a virtual whiteboard that houses your meetings in a space with all your team’s other tools. Collaborate on a single shared digital platform that makes it easy to be creative with your team. Check out the Miro templates—and all of the compatible apps—now! 

Explore Miro now! [via Miro]

Kerry Jones

Kerry is a freelance copywriter at Swell + Good, where she helps nonprofits craft their narratives and show off their fantastic work. She writes, edits, and manages online content for Ragtag Magazine, a local Pacific Northwest arts and activism site. When she’s not hosting bar trivia or editing friends’ wedding toasts, she’s probably reading mysteries or talking to friendly strangers. Ask her for book recommendations or road trip playlists, and she’s got you covered.
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