Discover Your Story

So often, an organization’s biggest challenge is simply identifying the story that they should be telling. Organizations that provide a variety of services or work across disciplines are particularly at risk for sharing muddled, confusing narratives that leave donors more confused than they are educated. At Swell+Good we believe that you have an amazing story that simply needs to be uncovered. We’ll work with you and your team to help you define your work and shape a compelling, donor-exciting, fund-raising story.

Create Your Story

Once you have the nuts and bolts of your story nailed down, it’s time to turn that core narrative into a message that can be repurposed and shared across channels. Stories can look like a lot of things: words, photos, videos, graphics - and the best storytellers use all of these mediums to paint a beautiful, complete picture of their mission and work. We love helping you create both the framework and the actual deliverables of your story, which means we’re not only going to tell you a bunch of things to do and then leave you hanging. We’re committed to being your partner - a real, hard-work, in the trenches partner - in storytelling.

Share Your Story

Even the best stories are pointless if no one ever sees them - that’s why sharing your story is so critical. At Swell+Good, we believe that stories are best shared across channels, reaching a variety of audiences when they are primed and ready to see them. We love helping our partners with websites, email contact strategies, blogs, social media, and even full digital marketing and fundraising strategies! Sharing your story is about building an audience, customizing your story to those readers/watchers/listeners, and sending them the right message at the right time. It’s a tricky dance, but one that we love to study and master.
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